Spindle-fixture cpl SH-32

Spindle-fixture cpl SH-32

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Spindle mounts are made of EN-GJL-250 (GG25) cast iron with a ground bore and installation face.

The parallelism between the mount bore and the mount installation face is within 0.01 mm. To allow precise axial alignment, a side surface of the spindle mount is ground to a parallelism within 0.02 mm to the mount bore.

Additional product information

Dimension A (mm) = 76
Dimension B (mm) = 11
Dimension C (mm) = 26
Mount bore D (mm) = 32
Dimension E (mm) = 48
Dimension F (mm) = 62
Dimension G (mm) = 40
Dimension H (mm) = 57
Dimension I (mm) = 7.5
Dimension K (mm) = 65
Dimension L (mm) = 80
Clamping bolt P M6
Tightening torque P (Nm) 5 (max. 6 Nm) - bolt secured with Loctite 542
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