Spindle oil ISO VG68 4Lt

Spindle oil ISO VG68 4Lt

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Spindle lube "Hyperclean" VG68
- Lubricant for Bearings -

Canister 4 litre Quality: HLP-D hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524, Part 2/ISO VG68 (viscosity 68mm2/s by 40°C)
Purity: ultra-fine filtered oil 15/13/10, acc. to ISO 4406
Filtration: ss 2...3μ > 100

For selecting the proper spindle oil, please note the information in the operating manual for your spindle or contact our customer service.

The Technical Information (PDF - 67 KB) and the MSDS (PDF - 22 KB) are available below for you to download.

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