FISCHER Spindles

FISCHER AG Precision Spindles

FISCHER AG Precision Spindles

FISCHER - High Precision Motor-Spindles from Switzerland

The most demanding customers in the world rely on FISCHER - High Precision Spindles. Our proven technical innovations allow us to solve your most stringent requirements. From small diameter with highest speeds to larger diameters and highest power output we have a product for you.

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Product no.: 120168

Housing-Ø190 mm, L 421 mm
Speed max. 24000 rpm, Power max. 42 kW, Torque max. 66.9 Nm,
Taper HSK-A63

Product no.: 121109

Housing-Ø100mm, length 356 mm,
Speed max. 70000 rpm, Power max. 5 kW, Torque max 1.2 Nm,
Taper HSK-E25, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 126708

Housing-Ø100mm, length 382.5mm,
Speed max. 50000 rpm, Power max. 7 kW, Torque max 2.8 Nm,
Taper HSK-E32, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 104760

Housing-Ø240 mm, length 787 mm,
Speed max. 20000 rpm, Power max. 20 kW, Torque max 166.1 Nm,
Taper HSK-A80, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 119305

Housing-Ø140 mm, length 459 mm,
Speed max. 18'000 rpm, Power max. 22 kW, Torque max 38 Nm,
Taper HSK-C63, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 111789

Housing-Ø140mm, length 543 mm,
Speed max. 24000 rpm, Power max. 15 kW, Torque max 23.1 Nm,
Taper HSK-A50, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 120530

Housing-Ø230 mm, length 514 mm,
Speed max. 10'000 rpm, Power max. 63 kW, Torque max 200 Nm,
Taper HSKA-100, pneumatic cylinder

Product no.: 127131

Housing-Ø275 mm, length 676.42 mm,
Speed max. 15'000 rpm, Power max. 63 kW, Torque max 300 Nm,
Taper HSK-T100

Product no.: 106396

MFM-1032/60/1 precision grinding spindle

Housing-Diameter Ø100-h5, length 259.6 mm
Speed max. 60'000 rpm
Taper HJND-28

Product no.: 120374

MFM-1406/18/2 precision grinding spindle

Housing-Diameter Ø140, length 397 mm
Speed max. 18'000 rpm
Taper HJND-16

Product no.: 118701

FEZ-1007/40 spindles for light-duty high-speed machining

Housing-Ø100 mm, length 396.5 mm
Speed max. 40'000 rpm
tool interface HSK-T40, Spindle cooling with compressed air

Product no.: 126580

MFM-1224/42/50 precision grinding spindle

Housing-Diameter Ø120, length 336 mm
Speed max. 42'000 rpm
Taper HJND-21

Product no.: 119029

MFM-8180 precision grinding spindle

Housing-Diameter Ø80-h5, length 188 mm
Speed max. 180'000 rpm
Taper HJND-90

Product no.: 116803

Housing-Ø140mm, L287.5 mm
Speed max. 40000 rpm, Power max. 15.2 kW, Torque max. 12.4 Nm,
Taper HSK-E50

Product no.: 128455

Housing- Ø120, length 698 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power 1.2 KW,

Product no.: 126713

Housing- Ø120, length 920 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power 3 KW,

Product no.: 125497

Housing- Ø120, length 520 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power 3 KW,

Product no.: 33144-72-12-1-3

Housing- Ø80, length  230mm,
Speed max. 16'000 rpm, Power 2 KW,

Product no.: 127753

Housing-Ø120 mm, length 629.5 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power max. 9.5 kW, Torque max 15.1 Nm,
Taper HSK-E40,

Product no.: 132175

Housing-Ø120 mm, length 544.1 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power max. 17 kW, Torque max 10 Nm,
Taper HSK-E40,

Product no.: 127014

Housing-Ø120 mm, length 548 mm,
Speed max. 20'000 rpm, Power max. 10.5 kW, Torque max 5 Nm,
Taper HSK-E40,

Product no.: 130861

Housing-Ø130 mm, length 595 mm,
Speed max. 12'000 rpm, Power max. 8 kW, Torque max 25.5 Nm,
Taper HSK-E50,


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FISCHER Grinding spindles

FISCHER Grinding spindles

Electric or belt-driven, SFJ FISCHER grinding spindles are your solution for inner- and outer-diameter grinding applications.

FISCHER Universal spindle

FISCHER Universal spindle

FISCHER spindles for light-duty high-speed machining in precision milling, precision boring, grinding, engraving, etc.

FISCHER Milling spindles

FISCHER Milling spindles

FISCHER High-Frequency milling spindles with automatic tool change for high speed / power and torque.

FISCHER Dressing spindle

FISCHER Dressing spindle

Extremely robust and compact Motor dressing spindles from FISCHER.



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