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Product no.: 125920

FISCHER MFI-3601/06/4 Drive Motor

  • Proven technology from precision spindles engineering optimized for the demands of drive systems and apparatus constructions
  • Precision ball bearings
  • water cooled motor

MFI-Motors are not sold on the Webshop, but inquiries are accepted.

Additional product information

Housing diameter (mm) 360
Length (mm) 803
max. speed (rpm) 6,000
Weight (kg) 331.8
Motor frequency max. (Hz) 400
Power S1 (KW) 35
Power S6 40% (KW) 44
Torque S1 (Nm) 795
Tourque S6 40% (Nm) 1,025
  • Grease
  • Hollow shaft for weight reduction
  • Rotary union for supplying media through the rotating shaft
  • Interface for manual or automatic change of tools, equipment or work pieces
  • Interface to drive a FISCHER bearing unit
  • Vector control is possible for optimization of performance to meet your applications needs.
  • Water cooled bearings
  • Shaft cooling to minimize heat introduced to the environment and to nearly eliminate axial displacement
  • Dynamic positive air sealing for best protection during operation
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